Your Inner Rancher

might be trying to emerge...

Do You Have an Inner Rancher?


Do you enjoy animals?  Do you like working with your hands?  Do you need a break from the Rat Race-- a moment of peace in your otherwise hectic week--an escape from the demands of the office, the laundry, and the freeway?  Then your Inner Rancher might be trying to emerge….

My friend and fellow alpaca enthusiast Dave Barboza tells me that we all have an Inner Rancher.  Most of us grew up with tales of gun-slinging, bronc-busting cowboys who lived in a bunk house, and the handsome young stranger who rode into town to win the hand of the tomboy daughter of a wealthy ranch owner.  We drink in movies with vast mountain vistas, stampeding cattle, range wars, and beautiful wild horses.  Who but the Inner Rancher could sit still through the slow rolling footage of "The Horse Whisperer"?  The Inner Rancher longs for romance, solitude, beauty, and an almost mystical relationship with animals… The species varies, but the yearning is the same.


Raising alpacas allows you to give expression to your Inner Rancher in a fun and economically-viable way.  Anyone can keep a horse, but you could be saving on taxes and making money with alpacas!  Alpacas are a fabulous species: sensitive, intuitive, interactive, and covered with the softest and most wonderful fleece in the world.


Because alpacas are small and easily managed,raising alpacas is one of the fastest-growing professions for women.  You can do it allAlpacas are the perfect livestock: smarter than sheep, not as obstreperous as goats, high birthing success--and you don't need to slaughter them!

”Paradise", otherwise known as Alpacas at Windy Hill, is in beautiful Ventura County.  We're only 15 minutes from Ralph's in Moorpark or Camarillo, but we're surrounded by rolling hills, avocado and citrus orchards, horses, and 25 acres of the most beautiful alpacas imaginable.  And you can share it with us!  Several alpaca breeders already do.  The Windy Hill Community is a place where you can give free rein to your Inner Rancher-- without moving, or even altering your current lifestyle.  Add the joy and slower pace of the shepherd and the cowpoke to your life right now.  Come out for a visit and let's take your Inner Rancher for a walk together.


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