Sweetbriar Suri Alpaca Farm ~ Read Our Opinion


There is nothing more beautiful than a Suri Alpaca standing proudly in a pasture with wind blowing through its fleece, a fleece in its own natural condition. As a former Show Rules Committee member, an organizer of the all Suri training clinics for judges, and a breeder of Suris who is very active in the show ring, I have seen it all. Stripped or artificially enhanced animals stand out and our Suri judges have become quite good at telling the difference between a pasture ready Suri and one where the fleece has been altered. And through the efforts of groups like Naturally Suri and pressure from our peers, I see more and more breeders abiding by the anti grooming show rules. We all love to show so let the merits of our breeding programs show off our Suris in a natural state. Remember the tag line of The Suri Network, “Rarest of Breeds, Ultimate Natural Fiber,” with special emphasis on Natural.

Jim and Gini Barker
Sweetbriar Suri Alpaca Farm