Suz Silky Suri Alpaca Farm~ Read Our Opinion


We are proud to become a member of this grass roots organization “Naturally Suri”! We support your lobbying efforts to uphold the grooming rules of the Suri Alpaca in the show ring. These animals are both beautiful in and out of the show ring without being artificially enhanced. If we ALL follow the show rules as to the grooming practices, it makes for a fair playing field for all those who participate and strengthens our future as Suri Alpaca breeders! Also, let’s think about the alpaca going through a long grooming session, it stresses the animal which in the end affects their fleece. A happy alpaca is one that is allowed to be an alpaca and live a happy life in the field, barn, etc. This is just as important to me as winning in the show ring.

Jack & Suz Heimerdinger ~ Suz Silky Suri Alpaca Farm