Suri Paco Farm ~ Read Our Opinion


Our Farm has participated in the AOBA Show System for ten years. It has always been our practice to show the Farm’s alpacas in what is now described as “pasture ready condition” – sometimes a little hay; a little dirt; and always a dirt line resulting from those days of “rolling”. Whether it has been from a show perspective or in recent years from our experience handling suri fiber for processing – we understand, appreciate and support an industry practice that values natural conditions. From a show perspective, we know our AOBA judges are trained and unconditionally support natural conditions as the gold standard. From a fiber perspective, enhancements only detract from our ability to the measure the progress of our breeding program as well the programs of other farms. Naturally Suri in collaboration with AOBA, our AOBA judges and members of our industry are demonstrating leadership that will benefit us all and ensure we can compete fairly and based on the inherent characteristics and value of our alpacas. We appreciate and support the message of Naturally Suri.

Ken and Claudia Raessler ~ SuriPaco Farm