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This grooming issue doesn't just plague the suris! Grooming has brought the values and integrity of the alpacas and the show ring down. I have worked a good part of my life on trying to develop an excellent breeding program, built on supreme genetics . I have never selected any animal for the ribbons they won but more importantly for the genetic background they carry! I breed suris for their rare, beautiful fiber and believe natural suris should be shown in pasture condition. Rules are clearly not followed at some shows. Seasoned breeders all know what's been groomed, and some grooming ranches brag about getting away with it. I must agree with my fellow breeders that judges must take a stand. Suris shown in a natural state will level the playing field and our National Herd will be better for it! Suri Breeders: join forces with Naturally Suri!!!!!!!!!!!

Nola Graham ~ NGG Alpacas