M2A Alpacas ~ Read Our Opinion


My husband and I purchased our first suris in 2004. We were drawn to their naturally gorgeous fiber, in addition to all the other qualities that make sharing our lives with them so worthwhile. It was a bonus that showing suris required us NOT to groom the animals beyond a clean pasture condition. The willingness to share information and the support of the alpaca community were and still are, strong selling points for anyone interested in alpacas. However, we realize how fortunate we were to have made our original purchase from honest, ethical breeders. If we'd had the misfortune of putting our trust into someone who used artificial means to enhance the animals and their worth, we certainly wouldn't be in business today. If someone is willing to cheat to win a ribbon, to what extent and in which other areas are they also dishonest? If those of us who strive to conduct our business ethically do not do everything possible to discourage those members of our industry who resort to cheating and manipulation, we will all suffer the consequences.

Kat Medrea
M2A Farm Suri Alpacas