Heaven's Promise Alpacas ~ Read Our Opinion


One of the things that first attracted me to Suris was seeing one in full fleece racing down the pasture with its locks swishing like a silky, thick curtain. Pure magic! That Suri had not been shampooed, combed or otherwise forced to endure unnatural grooming in order for it to be beautiful. I have gone into the ring to show Suris along with fellow competitors who were pleased to present their animals whose fleece had been picked over for large vegetation and whose bums had been wiped clean only to be dismayed by the sight of what I will call “white glove” Suris who had been groomed to an inch of their lives-against the rules, I might add! I daresay I even got a strong wiff of crème rinse more than once!

I strongly object to those few who think they are “above it all” such that THEY break the rules to shampoo, comb and curl their Suris while those of us who DO follow and agree to the show rules (that a Suri looks glorious in its natural state!) are made to look like it is US who broke the rules. I thought we were above that in the alpaca industry!

It’s time we ALL followed the rules and presented the Suri in its natural state; thereby showing this herd and pasture animal in its most beautiful form and leveling the playing field once again for all Suri owners. I am afraid if we don’t, we will have more and more of us getting discouraged and not attending shows.

Cathy Greer -- Heaven's Promise Alpacas