Bluff Breeze Farm ~ Read Our Opinion


We, at Bluff Breeze Farm Alpacas Inc., have never understood nor embraced the reasons behind excessive grooming for purposes of showing. We concede that not partaking in the artificial enhancement of our alpacas has more than likely hurt us in the show ring. However, we stand by the quality of our alpacas and our genetic decisions, rather than the short-term gratification of winning ribbons. Alpacas are naturally beautiful - in the pasture or in the show ring. They do not need to be manipulated to show their natural beauty. Artificially enhancing the natural attributes of a Suri is strictly cosmetic. It does not change genetic makeup and ultimately devalues the product. By grooming, against AOBA rules, breeding stock selection can be skewed by superficial and man-made attributes rather than genetics. Those that insist on breaking the rules of the show ring, apparently have no problem with misrepresenting the animals to a judge, the audience, or a prospective customer. Eventually, the truth is revealed. BBFAI has a long-term investment in our industry and we hold strong to our convictions of improving our alpacas through selective breeding and good management decisions, rather than show ring antics. Realistically, there should be no reason for an organization such as “Naturally Suri”. However, since there are still those that enhance alpacas for purposes of showing or selling, we applaud the founders of this grass roots organization for their stand and representation of the silent majority. We should all be “pulling” for natural improvements in our own national treasure. “May the best alpaca win”!

Connie & Rick Bodeker