Alpacas at Windy Hill ~ Read Our Opinion


There is nothing like a SURI! We all love them--that's why we breed them! And going to a suri show is the next best thing to heaven, if you are a real suri enthusiast....unless you find yourself is unfair competition.

The Show Rules call for suris, and alpacas in general, to be in clean pasture condition. Clean pasture condition means that you pull them out of the pasture into the trailer into the show stall, then pick out as much vegetable matter as possible. You might also rinse the dust off the fleece with some clean water and smooth the outer surface of the fleece--but that's not required.

There are some breeders who go to the illegal lengths of using shampoo, conditioner, mink oil, and curlers (yes, can you believe it??) to make their suris look like really good suris. Sometimes they strip the old cross fibers out from between the locks. You can make a suri look like a Barbie Doll if you drug them for several hours and do the whole beauty parlor/dog show routine with them. Some people, I'm told, make a decent living during show season doing this for breeders who don't have the time to do it themselves. Amazing! Especially when it is all ILLEGAL.

Why is it illegal? Because it's BAD FOR BUSINESS and it's BAD FOR SURIS. It's bad for business because it gives a false impression of what the value of the suri is. If you find the perfect suri at a show, don't buy it. Wait for a few weeks, then go visit the farm and see if it still looks the same. Ours will. Some won't....because they've been groomed using illegal techniques. We're all trying to breed the best suris we can. Illegal grooming practices can make a mediocre suri look good enough to win a championship--but he won't be able to reproduce himself, so what's the point?? It's also bad for suris. What alpaca do you know who likes to have someone fuss with their fiber, even for a few minutes? What about 3 or 4 hours? What about the suri that is groomed to the nth degree and is put indoors for weeks on end, with someone sweeping the floor every hour on the hour, when everyone else gets to go out to the pasture? It's just not right, in my opinion.

So....let's make the world safe for suris, and skip all the illegal stuff, and be brave enough to take our stock out to shows in their natural condition. And may the best suris win!