Greetings from the Show Rules, Judge Training and Certification and Judges Advisory Committees!

The 2010 show season is underway and we are very pleased that there are over fifty shows scheduled this spring. We hope that all show system members have reviewed the 2010 Show Handbook. It is still not too late to order a copy through the AOBA office priced at an extremely reasonable $10.00 (which includes shipping) or you can access the Handbook online on the website.

There are a couple of items that we would like to call to your attention:

1. In the complete reorganization of the Handbook, there was an inadvertent omission. This is not a new rule or a rule change. Please make a note in your copy of the Handbook. Page 16, Part 5,Section 2, J. should read:
“J. Handler’s attire should be conservative, neat and appropriate for the class. Dark trousers or skirts and white shirts or blouses are strongly suggested as acceptable attire for showing in halter classes. Only closed toe and closed heel shoes are permitted to be worn in the show ring. No ranch names, alpaca names, or other identifying stud, farm, ranch or personal logo (including ear tag numbers) shall be displayed on the exhibitor, handler or alpaca during the class in the show ring.”

2. The show system has received numerous complaints from exhibitors concerning alpacas entering the show ring that have allegedly been subjected to prohibited grooming practices. Fittings and preparation that are allowed and those that are prohibited are clearly defined in the Handbook on pages 17 through 20. We strongly recommend that all show system members review this section. The Judges will also address these issues during the Exhibitors’ Meeting at each of the spring shows. Show rules clearly state that a Judge shall reduce the placement or disqualify an alpaca based on his/her evaluation that prohibited grooming or alteration has occurred. Show rules further state that, “Alpacas are pasture animals and as such their fleeces may be exposed to different environmental conditions, one from another. Alpaca fleece should be shown in a naturally clean pasture condition with as little disruption to the fleece architecture as possible.”

Have a great spring show season!

AOBA Show Committees