Alpacas of El Dorado ~ Read Our Opinion


We are proud to be a part of the new Naturally Suri organization. Breeders who continue to use shampoos, luster enhancers, etc., are like athletes on steroids. They may win, but they will always live with the knowledge that they unfairly competed in the show ring. It is clear to us that artificial enhancers do indeed enhance fleece, and that fleece thus enhanced does indeed win in the show ring. Since judges, at this point in time, cannot prove that a fleece has been enhanced, perhaps they have no choice but to judge based on what they see, not on what they think about what they see. We would like to see a method of testing fleece for this rule violation. We are sure that the Naturally Suri group is a very positive step in the direction of ending the practice of artificially enhancing suri fleece for the show ring—a travesty and injustice to the hundreds of honest suri breeders who abide by the AOBA rule book.

Larry & Helen Hornbake ~ Alpacas of Gettysburg