Alpacas of Marin ~ Read Our Opinion


Whereas I have been in the industry and have been showing my alpacas for only three years, I have been disturbed by the obvious grooming of Suris, beyond which is permissible by the AOBA rules. Some of the suris enter the ring as if they've just come out of the beauty parlor. If we are all permitted to groom our alpacas in anyway we see fit, this would at least place us on an even playing field. If not, perhaps the judges need to be more discriminating in evaluating animals which have not followed the grooming rules. The judges, I donnot believe, need to be more educated in this regard, but need to be more proactive in assuring that the AOBA rules are followed; and this means that there be more disqualifications. We all need to support the judges more in this regard.
Thank you.
Michael Frankel