About Us


Naturally Suri is a grassroots movement of suri breeders dedicated to the natural beauty of suri fiber and the preservation of the suri industry through ethical practices in showing and marketing suris. We take the position that grooming suris for show and auction a) gives a false impression of the alpaca's quality, b) gives a false impression of what the alpaca may be able to produce, c) misleads exhibitors and potential buyers, d) skews the competition, and e) discourages potential buyers, thus bringing down the suri market and hurting us all.

We will continually lobby the AOBA Board of Directors, as well as the Show Rules Committee, the Judges Training and Certification Committee, and the Judges A Committee for the purpose of encouraging them to enforce the Show Rules, particularly where they emphasize the prohibition of illegal grooming practices.

We will continue to get the word out to AOBA members concerning the need for fair play, and showing suris in clean pasture condition. Some rule violations result from a lack of education of the membership. We will encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the Show Rules regarding grooming practices and follow them for the benefit of the future of the suri industry.