Naturally Suri

A Grassroots Movement....

Dedicated to the natural beauty of the Suri Alpaca and the highest ethics in breeding, showing and marketing Suri Alpacas

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The Members of Naturally Suri declare the following:

1. The suri alpaca's natural beauty needs no enhancement!

2. The AOBA Show System is designed to identify the best suris through a process of judging guidelines and comparison with other suris of like type, rewarding those with the highest level of excellence.

3. The Show Rules prohibiting grooming practices for the show ring are in the best interest of the suri industry.

4. Upholding the rules concerning showing suris in "clean pasture condition" validates their value, simplifies their care, and helps preserve their well-being.

5. Upholding the rules encourages new suri buyers, and promotes the stability and growth of the suri industry.

6. Alpacas are a herd animal that thrives when together in natural pasture groups, not "in a box" for extended periods of time.

7. The artificial enhancement of suri fleece for the show ring detracts from the value of suris by raising questions about their authenticity.

8. Grooming interferes with decisions regarding breeding and purchasing by presenting a false picture of the suri involved.

9. Grooming discourages the new buyer by creating the perception of a difficult and unnecessary workload in order to show, as well as creating a distrust of sellers.

10. The presence of unidentified grooming in show competition discourages breeders from participating in shows, thus denying them the advantage of a valuable herd evaluation tool and reducing show revenues.

11. Breeders who practice show grooming hurt the suri industry by invalidating the show system, falsely inflating the value of their suris, and creating an environment of distrust for potential buyers.

12. The way to improve suri performance in the show ring is to BREED BETTER SURIS!

13. Join us as we seek to preserve and strengthen the value of our beloved U.S. suri alpaca herd!