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"Alpaca Ownership with a
Safety Net"

Farming Is Fun with Alpacas!
Call us to find out how raising alpacas can help with your quality of life and taxes too!
Board Your Alpacas Here While You Learn

What's NEW at Windy Hill?

"I can highly recommend Cindy Harris. I have known and worked with her for many years. She is one of the most professional, caring and ethical alpaca breeders you would ever want to know. Over the many years, I have never hesitated to refer friends and customers to Cindy because she is honest and I know she will take very good care of them. She has quality alpacas at fair prices and provides knowledgeable, patient instruction after the sale."
Amy McCroskie
Owner, A and A Alpacas and Livestock Ranching

ALPACA OPEN RANCH DAY happens a few times a year. See our Events Calendar.
10 AM to 3 PM

Bring your cameras & your strollers.
Find out how ALPACAS can change your life!

Call (805)907-5162

"Conversations with Cindy"
Alpaca Consulting

Ever wish you could go to "Alpaca School"?
Now you can!
More Information

"My husband and I jumped into buying one alpaca knowing nothing about them (but that I loved to knit with their yarn!). With Cindy's wonderful guidance, knowledge, patience, and friendship we wouldn't be where we are today. She has been there to answer every question we ask. We now have 5 alpacas with 2 more on the way that we board on her farm.  She has made this one of the most enjoyable experiences we have gone through together.  We still have a lot to learn but knowing Cindy is there to guide us we feel comforted and so lucky!! Thanks Cindy!"
Julie Power


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"To try and sum up in words to describe who I consider to be a true modern-day pioneer woman like Cindy Harris Fieg is no easy task.  Upon our first meeting I was impressed not only by her friendly and helpful conversation, but her enthusiasm and passion for our newfound wonderful endeavor.  It did not take long to see she is a walking wealth of knowledge on any topic from care, history of import, pedigrees, breeding tips, show and handling tips, fleece analysis and processes." 
Tracy Pellegrino
Faith & Fleece Alpacas

Alpacas at Windy Hill
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Come by and see them! These wonderful beginning wheels are perfect for learning to spin.

RENT one with an option to BUY, or BUY now!

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The GOLD COAST FIBERSHED is a new group made up of farmers, artisans, millers, seamstresses, fiber artists who are dedicated to producing clothing from locally grown, natural fibers that are processed and produced locally.

What is an Alpaca?

The Alpaca is a camelid, native to South America.
It is a cousin to three other South American camelids: the llama, the guanaco and the vicuna.
An adult alpaca weighs 100-175 pounds, and stands about 36 inches at the shoulder. The baby alpaca is called a "cria".
Alpacas have an average lifespan of 20 years, are easily trained, and produce a luxurious fiber that is softer and lighter than sheep's wool.
Gestation for a female alpaca is about 11 months.
Alpacas are the ideal family livestock for small or large farms.
Alpacas feet have pads with two toenails instead of hooves.
Alpacas have teeth on the bottom jaw that close against a soft pallet on top.
eat pasture, hay, and grain, with some basic supplements.
Alpacas are ruminents
, chewing cud like cows.
There are two kinds of alpacas: the "Woolly" Huacaya and the "Silky" Suri. 
The Huacaya Alpaca has fiber that is structured like sheep's wool, while the Suri Alpaca has silky, shiny fiber that falls in locks.
Neither fleece type has lanolin, so alpacas are generally hypoallergenic.
To learn MORE about ALPACAS- click here

alpaca llama
ALPACA FLEECE: "Fiber of the Gods"!

Alpacas produce a luxurious fleece that rivals the finest cashmere and merino. It is light, soft, durable, and oh, so warm. Alpaca fleece is practical andfashionable, and is available in a wide range of rich, natural colors. Unlike other alternative livestock, such as ostriches and emus, alpaca fleece is a viable end product that is well on its way to being a national fiber industry. You can start now to raise the kind of ALPACA fleece you want to be known for in the World Market.

The first alpacas were imported from South America in 1984. While the alpaca population in the U.S. is growing rapidly, there will be a vibrant alpaca breeding business for years to come while the alpaca fleece market continues to develop. The alpaca industry is poised for unprecedented growth, ready to explore ever-improving genetics, and the unlimited uses for the amazing natural, alpaca fiber.

For more information about Alpaca Fleece, CLICK HERE!

"Woolly" Huacaya

huacaya alpaca fleece
"Silky" Suri

suri alpaca fleece
Why should I buy my first alpacas from Alpacas at Windy Hill?

As alpaca breeders, Alpacas at Windy Hill offers you a wide range of genetics and services. We are currently the largest alpaca ranch in California, and are home to more than 15 agisting ranches. We raise championship suri stock. We offer Boarding, Alpaca Sales, Fun Events, Educational Workshops, Fiber Sales, and we have an impressive line-up of nationally known Suri Herdsires available for breeding.
We also go to AOBA shows during the year.

See our "You Gotta Love 'Er!" Guarantee...

Alpacas at Windy Hill is located in beautiful Somis, halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. If you have never met an alpaca, or are looking for alpacas to purchase for your herd, we invite you to come out to Alpacas at Windy Hill and see what we have to offer. 
Come spend the day in the pasture--it will change your life! 
Click here
for more information. We would love to meet you!

The Weather Station at Windy Hill

If you are thinking about coming for a visit, you can always find out what the weather is like in Somis at the ranch by checking this page. We have our very own Weather Station at Alpacas at Windy Hill, broadcast by Weather Underground. Click on the Weather Underground graphic below for more detail...

Take a look at the MAP to see where we are!

Alpacas at Windy Hill ~ Cindy Harris
7660 Bradley Rd. Somis, CA 93066 ~ ~ ~ (805) 907-5162
Easily accessible from LAX, Burbank & Santa Barbara Airports

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