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Raise the Fleece You Want


What would it be like to have exactly the kind of fleece you want to work with each year rather than trying to rely on finding the fleece you want from somebody else's alpacas? Imagine having your own hand-picked alpacas with the histograms you want, the color range you hope for, and the fun of making breeding decisions, as well as being able to sample the fleece as it develops from cria to adult, and shearing to shearing.

Raising alpacas is rewarding on so many levels. Kisses from their velvety noses and having your palm tickled as they eat out of your hand are great fringe benefits. Being able to spend time with them while you clean their pens, or to come out to Windy Hill and enjoy a stroll through the pastures are some of the best parts of ownership. Strategizing about which herdsire to breed the females to, then the thrill of seeing that cria born are some of an alpaca breeders most rewarding moments.

BUT! If you are a Connoisseur of Fine Fleece, then nothing beats the moment of touching your alpaca's fiber! Your mind immediately transforms the fleece into the garments and art you will create out of it. Your imagination is captivated by the texture, the softness, the brightness of the delicate fibers you hold in your hand--even when it's still dirty! You can't wait for shearing time to come around!

So why not start your Alpaca Fiber Herd today?

As the owner of an elite fiber herd, you are eligible for tax relief (something we ALL need these days!) that will almost pay for your initial purchase.

You don't even need your own land yet--you can start right here at
Windy Hill and have the advantage of our famous "Safety Net" while you learn how to care for your alpacas, as well as going through shearing time with us, and having the strength of the Windy Hill Community for marketing purposes.

Call us for an appointment, or come on our next Open Ranch Day to see how alpacas can change your life and get you started on your way to being the Fiber Artist you have always dreamed of becoming. (Cindy: 805-907-5162 or cindy@alpacalink.com)

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