~ Conversations with Cindy ~

Cindy Harris Alpaca Consultant Alpacas at Windy Hill

"Cindy Harris runs a profitable alpaca ranch with quality alpacas. Her customer service to her clients is excellent with lots of follow-up care. She is very supportive of the regional and national alpaca organizations and the alpaca show system. And working with her is just a pleasure!!"
Becky Zierer
Owner, LaZyB Acres, Inc.

Have you ever wished you could go to school
to learn all about alpacas?

Would you like to just walk the pastures with someone
and discuss running a ranch?

Would you like someone to go with you
to your first show?

Do you want a mentor with experience to lean on?

"I have known Cindy for 7 or 8 years, and have had the opportunity to conduct alpaca related business with her on numerous occasions. Even though our two farms are quite far apart (California and Ohio), I have found Cindy to be Professional, Polite, and always Prompt. She is a gifted marketer, an excellent communicator, and this combination makes doing business with her, even at great distances, a pleasure."
Ty Forstner, VP and IT Manager Magical Farms

I can't help it-- I have to teach!

Being a teacher doesn't end
when you retire from the classroom, you know.

So go ahead. Pick my brain. Be my guest.
Fourteen years of raising more than 400 alpacas in
Southern California is yours for the asking!

If I can lend my expertise in making your alpaca experience
more enjoyable, I would like nothing better.

"Cindy has freely shared her vast knowledge of Alpacas with us on many occasions, and always in a gentle and kind way in which we can understand and appreciate.  For example, as new Alpaca owners, Cindy had explained to us the habits, breeding, feeding, shearing, caring for, investment options, and the health issues that could arise in an Alpaca.  She guided us as our Alpaca grew.  In addition, when our beloved Alpaca died, Cindy was very compassionate and helped us with the related matters.  As a final note, we have seen Cindy raise Alpacas from birth and give them the loving attention needed during their early life.  In short, Cindy has been a wealth of information, guidance, and kind support to us."
Tina & Steve Szekely

Alpaca Consulting Consultant Speaker Teacher Alpacas Suris Cindy Harris Alpacas at Windy Hill

"Cindy is one of the most thorough and professional breeders I know.  Her expertise is vast, and she's incredibly helpful- whether you are just starting out and need a mentor, or if you want a sounding board for more advanced issues that arise in mature herds.  She is a teacher at her core, and is a delightful friend and ally."
Atlas Alpacas
David Kabbai
(619) 890-9297

Suggested Topics:

• Starting from Scratch
• How Do I Fit: Breeder? Herd Multiplier? Grower? Artist?
• What Does An Alpaca Business Look Like?
• Bloodlines, Phenotype, and Fiber Stats
• Matchmaking and Breeding Management
• Healthy, Happy Alpacas--Getting & Keeping Them That Way
• Herd Improvement--Devising a Plan
• My Herd's Public Face: Shows, Private Evaluations, EPD's
• Marketing: What's Effective, How Do You Do It?
• Putting Your Fleece To Work
• Livestock Guardian Dogs
• YOUR TOPIC: What would you like to explore?

"When I first met Cindy Harris I was looking to get away from the city. I had researched the nearest alpaca farm and my search lead me to Alpacas At Windy Hill. So for the next three years or so I would visit this farm and each time I would get "the tour". Sometimes it was just me and Cindy and other times I was part of a group of people. But each time Cindy never seemed to grow tired of talking about alpacas. She would talk about these amazing creatures  with such passion and enthusiasm I could not wait to go back and do another tour. Of course, eventually I took the plunge and purchased my first alpaca, Hali, and then a year later, Anya. 
There are many alpaca ranches in California but I'm glad I picked Alpacas At Windy Hill because Cindy is there. She is my teacher, advisor, supporter and friend in my alpaca business and for anyone reading this I would encourage you to take the opportunity to meet her in person and if you are outside of California please invite her because she has a wealth of knowledge of the alpaca industry that you would not want to miss.
Much love to you Cindy."
Astrid's Alpacas
Santa Monica, CA


Conversations with Cindy
is open-ended, one-on-one time with
Cindy Harris,
owner of Alpacas at Windy Hill.

It can be handy to have someone to bounce ideas off of,
whether you're just beginning to look into alpacas or
you're ready to move into another phase of your business.

We can plan an afternoon or a week. My time is yours.

1/2 Day $200
Full Day $350
Weekend $500
Full Week TBD

(Travel, lodging and meals will be added on a case-by-case basis.)

"We selected Cindy's ranch to buy our first alpacas after visiting many breeders. While each ranch had beautiful animals and knowledgable staff, Cindy went the extra mile. She encouraged us to take part in "vet day" at the ranch and through these visits we learned how to care for these animals. In short, she taught us how to raise alpacas before we ever made a purchase. Afterwards, she provided follow-up support and continuing education which continues to this day."
Bill Clinton
Nutrient Slave at Marine Science Institute -- UCSB

"Cindy owns one of the largest, most successful alpacas ranches on the West Coast. She is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."
Elizabeth Kataras
Fisheries Biologist and Alpaca Rancher

"I have taken several of Cindy's felting classes and her guidance and positive attitude have helped me find an artist in myself that I didn't know existed."
Cheryl B. 

 "Finding Alpacas at Windy Hill, and specifically Cindy Harris, has been truly a blessing for me.  I knew virtually nothing about alpacas except what I saw in advertisements but the first time I went to the farm it was like finding a lost friend.  I have learned and continue to learn so much each time I go out.  I have made some really wonderful friends and now own three beautiful gray alpacas.  The glue that holds us all together is Cindy. No matter how much or how little time I spend on the ranch she always welcomes me just like the first time. From the minute I arrive my hectic work life ebbs away and it's all about the alpacas and the other people like me who show up, chat, play with our animals and then move on with our days.  Everyone should have a Cindy Harris and Alpaca at Windy Hill in their lives."
-Janet Grabowski
Moon Shadow Management

Cindy Harris • Alpacas at Windy Hill • Somis, CA • www.alpacalink.com • (805) 907-5162 • cindy@alpacalink.com